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TCT boost 3D printing medical revolution
2015/4/28 23:52:09
In recent years, the trend of the expansion of the Chinese market as TCT the same from British exhibition + media brand through Asia in March this year, held in Shanghai of TCT, in the domestic 3D printing circle caused by the unprecedented attention, hot debate. "In the country, it is difficult to see a 3D printing exhibition can simultaneously so many international manufacturers gathered together." Domestic agents admitted. For people engaged in 3D printing is concerned, most of them do not know before TCT, however, in March 2015 after the circle is very difficult to some people do not know this brand.

Exhibition booming, held in the same period of TCT peak forum for the same industry insiders Lok Road, especially medical and dental plate of the forum to promote the development of the whole industry produced the huge influence of is can not be ignored.

Department of orthopedics implant, is currently the largest 3D printing medical application, which is the most important issue of the TCT medical plate this year, is also the most controversial content." Mr. Woodcock James, director of the TCT conference planning, said.

In the manufacturing of customized implants, the traditional way is often time-consuming and expensive, and 3D printing is much more flexible, the demand for funds is limited in a certain range, design complexity reduced, and make personal customization can be achieved. Obviously, customized products will make the patient more comfortable, faster recovery. Department of orthopedics doctors can optimize the shape of the stress distribution on the bone, and provide better adaptability, while eliminating the need for the surgeon to perform manual processing in the surgery. The risk of the failure of the operation is greatly reduced, and the operation time and the overall cost is also reduced.

"China is at present global 3D printing business grows the fastest area, many subjects are China's first, especially in the field of medical implants; but at the present stage, our industry standard has not yet formed. However, innovation and risk is a twin body, need to grope and and, which became the original intention of TCT organization of this forum." Woodcock James added.

3D printing medical devices with certain product risk characteristics, is restricted and influenced by the control points of quality system, plus a variety of other factors formed at present our 3D printing in medical equipment industry is now the dilemma: folk had hospital in the use of 3D printing technology medical instruments, but the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) has not approved 3D printing market medical device. "We see a news title is China's first 3D printing what the surgery, I will be transferred to the CFDA, this you tube." Shanghai Jiaotong University famous digital medical expert Professor Wang Chengdao for now the medical applications of 3D printing condition is full of confusion, "these operations we can not do, we can achieve, but CFDA no specific laws and regulations, we very difficult to advance."

Since China Outside the Box jade, there is no standard, we will seek other international standards as reference. In order to let the domestic relevant departments, industry colleagues to know other countries, 2014-2015, TCT meeting planning team spent nearly three months time to the European Union and the United States standard to carry on the investigation and study, back and forth in the United States, China, and three, strict screening appropriate lecture guests. Finally, the target is locked in front of the director of the FDA-CDRH center, Professor Bayashi Akio. Professor Lin not only in the United States FDA engaged in new product compliance work more than 40 years, and as the first generation immigrants, he to China's sense of identity and language let him become the best person for this issue. Professor Wang Chengtao after receiving the conference schedule, to see Professor Lin Qiuxiong's statement is readily agreed to attend the medical forum, the host guest. And also special invited to carry out in the country's first 3D printing in clinical medicine, Dai Keirong,, a fellow of the Shanghai No.9 People's Hospital, to participate in the forum.
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