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After sale service of medical devices have a brilliant future
2015/7/14 14:35:40
Although China's medical device industry is developing rapidly in recent years, but development and after-sales service levels are in a low level, experts advise medical device companies focus in the field of after-sales service, said after-sales service packing mode will be a great tool to future imports and domestic product competition of medical equipment products market.

A hospital three years ago purchased a home-made ultrasound machine, use more than a year after the probe of machine problems, no work to date, the reason is difficult to repair. Therefore, the hospital again is not willing to spend money to purchase domestic medical equipment. But the experience of Yuanyang County, Henan Province People's Hospital and on the contrary, the hospital in 2009 investment 360 million yuan to buy a foreign brand color Doppler ultrasound machine, in order to ensure the normal operation of the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, also spent 12 million yuan to buy after-sales service. Although the machine used during the failure occurs, but because the manufacturers after-sales service in a timely manner, the use of the machine for a long time.

In the industry view, these two examples of real reflects the status of the domestic medical device industry: business service level to be improved.

China's Drug Supervision Research Association Chairman Wang Baoting pointed out that at present domestic independent intellectual property rights of medical devices and other developed countries have obvious difference, some high-end domestic medical device product quality level behind the international advanced level in a decade or so. Especially in terms of after-sales service, most domestic medical equipment business philosophy also stay in the expansion of production and sales, the lack of after-sales service management. Manufacturers do not pay attention to repair team construction, machine break not timely repair. And multinational equipment enterprise products, most of the service is in place well.

Although domestic high precision digital medical equipment in the price advantage, but because many manufacturers only pay attention to equipment R & D and despise after-sales service and training, resulting in some hospitals are reluctant to purchase domestic digital medical equipment. Some large hospitals reflect the portion of the medical device production enterprise not for the hospital to provide reasonable preventive maintenance plan, did not timely inspection, telephone inquiries visit and maintain maintenance, are also very technical staff at the hospital for training.

"If domestic medical equipment manufacturing enterprises not seriously, advance the establishment of a perfect after-sales service team and technical training and supporting system, although the market, but in the future will inevitably encounter 'affordable, not" embarrassing situation. " Yuanyang County People's Hospital of Henan province Meng Qingyuan said.

Some domestic medical equipment contract warranty coverage does not include all parts of the equipment, the contract price is too high, it does not provide technical advice. Domestic high precision instruments are not professional sales team, only to find a few agents. There is a problem with the device when no one is interested, even can not find even the manufacturers, complaints are unavailing. In particular, the current range of telemedicine is gradually widespread, the need for a large number of high-end equipment, if the equipment can not be timely, mobile medical network is a problem.
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