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Western Anesthesia attended the Arab Health in 2016
2015/7/14 14:38:06
State Food and Drug Administration of 8, issued the "drug and medical device flight inspection method". Approach to the development of drugs and medical devices, production, management and use of the whole process of flight inspection, will be implemented in September 1, 2015.

Approach provides for the start, inspection, handling and other related work procedures, and the strict responsibility and obligations of the parties. Among them, through the complaint report, inspection, adverse reaction monitoring found that the product may exist seven kinds of quality and safety risk, can start flight inspection.

In addition, for the food and drug regulatory department staff behavior, approach also made it clear, leakage check flight information leaked whistleblower information or units under inspection of commercial secrets, issued a false inspection report or inspection reports the case, will be given administrative disciplinary measures and disciplinary action; suspected of a crime shall be transferred to the judicial organs.
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